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Problem With Wireless Dongle Reseting

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I have a USRobotics Wireless USB Dongle (Model Number 5422) and everytime i play games installed on my computer (online games like WoW , Half-Life 2 and EVE-ONLINE my USB dongle makes the noise that it makes when you unplug a usb device then it detects itself again. This causes the game to loose connection to the server and so on and so fourth. Does anyone know what might be causing this to happen? If someone could help me that would be great and i would much appriciate some help. Then hopefully i can get back to playing my usual games :grin:
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Lack of RAM?? How much RAM is installed in the machine?
Too many running Processes? More than 55 can start to be a problem.
CPU maxed out?
Ctrl, Alt, Del, Task Manager will tell you the answers to most of these questions.

USB driver problem? May need an update?
Wireless card driver problem? May need an update?

Windows Update and choose Custom and look for Hardware Updates for the USB or Wireless card.

You may also need to check for driver updates from the wireless card vendors site as well?

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RAM: 2 256mb Sticks
CPU Speed: 1.92Mghz
I was orginally using my wireless dongle without supplied software so i decided to use the software to see if anything was affected but it made no difference i will go and download new drivers now and see if they make any effect i will tell u the result soon

At The moment i have got 32 processes open but i have just found that i was playing quake 3 single player and i could hear in the background it was still doing the same thing. Every so often my procesor goes down to 1.2ghz and u have to go into the bios and tell it to run and optimum speed which makes it go up to 1.92ghz would this have anythin to do with it? What does CPU outmaxed mean?
Well its weird because now it isn't doing that anymore can ADMIN please close this thread?
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