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Problem with Windows Vista 32bit Premium edition, and nvidia

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Quite a few months ago computer screen would go black, then return and tell me the display driver "nvlddmkm" failed but recovered. I didn't know much about it at all. Eventually my computer crashed without a blue screen, and every time after that when i turned it on the screen was broken in fragments and such. I sent it in to the manufacturer to get it fixed. Now, months later, it is still telling me the nvlddmkm is failing, and many times my computer will black out. I can still restart the computer. Also sometimes it will bluescreen now and tell me the video scheduler has encountered an error of some sort. A friend of mine has helped me change and upgrade display drivers a few times, but it still encounters the same errors. my computer is an hp pavilion dv9000 and the video card is an nvidia geforce go 7600.

Some days i can go along on my computer without a problem, and then sometimes it will crash like i have stated. Usually after it begins to crash that day, it will crash repeatedly if i try again soon. At first it only started when i was in some sort of gaming program, but eventually on the rare occasion it will crash at the desktop. If it helps, i can tell when it is about to crash because in the game, the screen will either try to break up into fragments, or what looks likes rays will seem to "shoot" out of the screen from the very middle.

That's all i can really tell i believe. Sorry it's kind of bunched, and if a thread was already mentioned about this i didn't see it =[

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This driver is supposed to have sorted out any nvlddmkm problems.
Remember you must uninstall your previous drivers from Control Panel's Programs & Features, delete the nVidia Folder on your C:Drive and restart before installing the new drivers. Windows will attempt to search and install drivers upon startup, but you must cancel this, and use the nVidia installer to install the fresh drivers and restart again.
notebooks usually come with a video chip not a actual video card which only the high end expensive ones sometimes have and you find yourself limited on what games will run correctly
i've tried this again. but it continues to mess up. could it be that the nivida card that is supposed to be "smart" is damaged, and therefore causing the display driver to become damaged?

maybe i need a new card?
[maybe i need a new card]
if you do it will be a new motherboard as it is intergrated
If you Google this problem you will find that it is a problem between Nvidia and Vista and is quite common.
There seems to be no set fix for this as what works for some doesn't work for others.
I fixed mine by removing SP1
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