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Problem with Usage of OpenGL Option in HL-Mods

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(NOTE: I also posted this on the Video-Cards forum, but I didn't know if it should be in this or that forum, so I'm putting it in both, :))

(just a note before I begin - thank you very much to anyone that is reading this or has posted in an effort to help me - even if my problem isn't solved, I still thank you for your efforts )
(also, my problem is difficult to explain with simple text, so my apologies if I confuse anyone)

My OS: WinXP
My Monitor/Video Card: Plug and Play Monitor on S3 Graphics Prosavage + utilities

(NOTE: the "utilities" are part of the most recent update for the drivers of my video card - I will explain why I have them below)

My Problem:
I am a player of Half-Life and its Modifications, mainly Counter-Strike and Team Fortress Classic. Recently, I upgraded my Video Card drivers (or driver, whatever ) by downloading them from the S3 site (these are the "utilities" spoken of above, they are the updates, I assume) so that I would be able to use the video option known as OpenGL (I have no idea what this option is or does, but it was recommended to me by a friend and it has impoved my view screen and my FPS in games online). My problem is that when I leave a game (not necessarily online, I also have this problem when I play the 1st person RPG-like portion of HL) a section of my screen (that is now showing my desktop) about half a centimetre in width is re-produced on the right side of my screen (with slight distortion that comes in the form of quick thin lines that appear on this repeated band, possibly my screen attempted to "retake" this portion of the screen) for seemingly no reason whatsoever. Also, along with this repeated band, I have problems with my cursor - specifically, if I were to move my cursor over a slot where I could type something (like the place where one imputs the web address on IE, up at the top) or if i were to move it over a link, the cursor becomes very distorted. Now, in normal cases, if I were to move the cursor to a link, it would alter into the form of that hand-and-finger formation, signaling that I have touched a link. This formation, when my "problem" is in full fling, (as I said) becomes horribly distorted, becoming 2 random dots in the space where the cursor should be, or the distorted HALFS of the hand that SHOULD be there, except off-center and on opposite sides (so the middle of the cursor is blank and you have these two things off to each side) or in severe cases, the cursor becomes a barcode (that is actually kind of amusing, lol).

Now, does anyone know what is happening? Is there a solution to my problem, or is it simply that my Video Card cannot handle the OpenGL option and has these glitches? I am very sorry if I confuse anyone, but I know no better way to explain, short of drawing a diagram on Paint (lol). If anyone has an inkling of what is going on, I beg of you to help me, for I really do enjoy gaming with OpenGL and do not want to forfeit it because of the annoyance of this problem.

(sorry for making you read a book, lol)
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