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Hi, i seem to have a problem with my TV + FM card at the moment, i have reinstalled it 4 times now and it seems to work for a few days and then goes back to the problematic way it goes.

I have a PixelView PV-BT878P+ TV+FM card and it keeps on doing the following problems even if i reinstall it :

1) It won't record past 18mins (roughly)
2) Recording is poor, due to loss of frames
3)Sometimes causes my machine to restart or crash

The TV card has a full onboard TV & Cable decoder and also access for Teletext and also FM Stereo Radio as well.

The company that made my card ProLink Semiconductor Systems Inc. don't make my card any more and every time i email them they don't seem to reply.

Can you help?

Has anyone else had these problems with a PixelView Card?

Has anyone else had a PixelView Card before?

Any help would be aprieciated.



P.S : System Spec

AMD: 1.4Ghz (goofed because its runnin @ 1050mhz)
GeForce 4 Ti4200 128MB DDR RAM
Pixelview PV-BT878P+ (Philips TV & Cable chipset)
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