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When I run an aplication that uses 3D graphics (mainly games) my system slows down after a few minutes (by slow i mean unuseable), the problem seemsto be that the System process is using all the CPU power.

I have run a virus scan with norton antivurus 2002 and turned up nothing, defreagmented my drives and reinstalled XP (twice) to no avail. I have tried various video drivers (all other drivers are up to date) and tried a different video card which didnt help. I have run out of ideas, i hope there is someone who can help me. I have also tried resetting my bios to default values.

When i first got this computer (relitivly recently) it didnt have this problem, cant figure out what has changed since then.

P4A 1600 on ASUS P4S333 (BIOS revesion 1004)
256 MB 2100 (i think) DDR RAM
GeForce 2 MX 200 (the other card i tried was a TNT 2 M64)
CMI8738 on board soundcard
Samsung 20 GB HDD (Partioned C: 3GB D: 17GB, when i formatted and reinstalled I only formatted C:)
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