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Problem with step 4

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I cant "update windows". I went through the instructions from the update windows page about making "automatic updates" automatic but when I refresh the page it says it is disabled again.

I installed Spy Sweeper rather than Spyware Blaster. I also tried the free Panda scan with Firefox. It wont work. Should I use Explorer? Thanks
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Spy Sweeper and Spyware Blaster are different applications for different purposes.

The Panda online scan should work with Firefox or Internet Explorer

Supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and Vista

ActiveScan 2.0 is one of the few online scanners compatible with Firefox and Windows Vista.
Try IE if Firefox doesn't work for you....but I just had troubles with both browsers. Panda may be having some issues.

As it says in the 5 Steps, if you have troubles with one of the steps, simply make note of it in your reply in the HijackThis Log Help forum.

I've moved this post out of the HJT section, so as to give you guidance...however, please do create a new topic in the HJT section once you have the requested logs from Step 5.
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