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Problem with Realtek AC97 Sound Card on Toshiba

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Having a little problem with the sound card on my Toshiba notebook.

The sound card keeps making an annoying crackling sound when playing wavs/mids such as the windows startup sound.

The only way i have been able to fix it is by uninstalling and then reinstalling the hardware, and that is only temporary, because the problem is back as soon as i restart.

I tried installing the latest drivers, but that didnt help.

I believe the problem may be due to an IRQ conflict between my some of my other hardware such as the Mobility Radeon display driver, fax modem, ethernet adapter, or wireless adapter, all of which are on the same IRQ (IRQ 11) as the sound card.

I cannot repair this because when i go into the device manager the check box to switch between manual and automatic settings is greyed out for all devices. I cannot fix it in the BIOS either as the mainboard doesnt give me the option.

Any suggestions? Aside from tossing out my laptop and getting a desktop...
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Hi Nemesis,

I have the same problem. Have a Toshiba A30 notebook. Have you found a solution?

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