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Hello everyone,

Is there anyone who's familiar with Quickbooks 2002 Pro?

A problem was presented to me regarding this application. It appears when adding an item to a bill, flickering occurs on the line being edited (if someone wants to try this for themselves, let me know and I will give you the instructions on how to get to the area we saw this problem in). This gets worse as the number of items listed increases.

Client is using Window 95 version 4.00.950C on a PII-350, 64MB RAM (which is the recommended requirements for this program).

I'm guessing that this issue lies within the program itself and was overlooked by QB themselves. Has anyone experienced this? Is there anything that I could do to rectify this matter in some way?

I would contact Quickbooks, however, their tech support is a pay-per-incident system. I figure I would try out here first to see if anyone has any ideas or suggestions regarding this matter.

Thanks kindly!
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