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Hi! I tried contacting the ASUS service earlier this week. However, they did not seem to understand my problem: all they told was that optimus is a feature, and can't be responsible for my problems.

Computer specs:

Intel core i5-480m,
Nvidia Geforce GT 425M,
4GB memory,
Win7 64bit.

So my problem is I cant see my GPU (Nvidia Geforce GT425M) anywhere. Even the device control shows only Intel's integrated graphics. I cant start Nvidia control panel, it says that "Graphics processor cannot be detected". I cant update my Graphics drivers, cause the installation program says "Graphics card cannot be detected". I cant even use the HDMI-output, because it comes from the GPU? When i tried it, the computer is able only to use VGA port behind the computer, which comes from the motherboard? On top of my laptop is blue/white light indicator, which shows whether or not the computer is using GPU or integrated graphics: it has never been white which would indicate the usage of GPU. So is my Gpu broken, turned of, or even missing completely. Im not expert with computers, so I would be really thankful if you guys could help me out. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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