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Problem with my graphics?

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Hi im really not that clued up on pc's at all but i have the following problem i have installed a NVIDIA GeForce 6200SE Turbocache graphic card and keep losing my piture ie flickering lines through page and no picture at all. I have reinstalled windows cleaned fan units etc but to no avail its happening again even downloaded the latest driver from the NVIDIA website. Could it be the card is faulty? is there anyway that i can test or a program i can use to check this?
Before the format i did have a virus WIN32 DELETER, trojan i think on the pc but after reformatting and running antivirus software again its all good and clear no sign off any infected files.
Could this have damaged the card itself have swapped monitor and the same is happening. Can run no problems for up to 4 hours then next time i switch on it happens sometime after a very short time!

Please help im lost :4-dontkno

Regards Gary
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Can anyone help with my last post? Please
Are the flickering lines horizontal or vertical?
Try a different refresh rate.
The lines are vertical when they appear and the last time it happened it took and dragged a part of page i was viewing the machine was formated with the supplied recovery discs last night also the drivers & utilities?
The fan unit was absolutely filthy when i cleaned not sure if it is or may be a problem with heat, overheating etc ?

I can't quit understand your first sentence, sorry. Try re-seating your video card once the dust is cleaned out of your machine too, like you said, it could be a heating issue cause by dust.
Is there any other cheap NVIDEA cards on the market that are suitable as a replacement? and am i right this is a PCI card not AGP?
Have at the moment connected my old tower cause the flickering and cutting out is getting to bad to operate... not good!!
Ok i will remove the card and reconnect the card. The first sentence wasnt that clear sorry it was a little like dragging a file across the page instead it was part of the web page i was viewing! hard to explain! will reconnect old machine and try what you said!
Many thanks for your reply and possible solution finger crossed..
PCI slot = longer and white
AGP slot = Shorter and brown Wide selection of great cards. Most local dealers will have older cheaper Nvidia cards too
Np, I'm going to lunch. I'll drop back in later
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