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I recently received a X52 PRO flight HOTAS from a family friend. I hooked it up and all the buttons light and work.

However, there seems to be a certain issue with the programming of the buttons. For example, when I'm in mode 1, both my POV 1 and 2 thumbsticks are constantly registered as being pushed to the right. (see image 1) When I push around the thumbsticks, the only positions that get registered are 1/8, 1/4, and 3/8. When in mode 2, they're both registered as being pushed down. (see image 2) Mode 3, they're pushed to the left. (see image 3) The only way to fix this is for me to go between the modes so no mode is selected.

However, when I do this, a new problem occurs. When I pull the trigger, POV 1 and 2 are registered as going up. On top of that, if I pull the trigger past the second click, buttons 1, 2, 4, and 15 are registered as pressed (only 1 and 15 are meant to be registered).

Another issue is on the pinky trigger. When pulled, only button 6 is meant to register. But buttons 3 and 5 are also registered when I pull it.

It should be noted that the throttle hat works perfectly along with everything else. I have tried getting the programmable software but it doesn't seem to fix anything. I got the latest drivers too.

Any help would be appreciated!!
If you have any questions let me know.



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I'd say its faulty.

I would suggest trying to calibrate, but if the buttons are registering as having input, it isn't likely to succeed. When it's functioning properly, there should be no input registered when you aren't doing anything. This isn't a configuration or setting issue. The internal pots / switches are faulty or dirty and not clearing or returning to zero position.
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