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problem with internet sharing on 2 computers

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I have one computer connected directly to the internet through a pci-e ethernet controller. My second computer is connected to this computer by the second controller, both built into the motherboard. I am running XP with SP2 and
am able to set up a network places connection but not able to let the second computer share the internet connection. When I try I get error 765: a LAN connection is already configured with the IP address that is required for automatic IP addressing. I get a message saying is required for internet sharing address so I have set all connections to other addresses. I have APIPA set to off. Despite this I keep getting this error 765 message. Can anyone help please?
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Hello John, thank you for your reply. Actually I had already read that page. It has this to say on the issue:

WARNING #1: When you enable ICS, the network adapter connected to the local area network is assigned a static IP address of The client computers are assigned other IP addresses in the 192.168.0.x range. These addresses may not be compatible with an existing network

However, it does not give any workaround to this issue. As I say, I turned APIPA, Automatic Private IP Addressing, off in registry, and then assigned all connections with addresses which were not to try to avoid a conflict (I assigned them with addresses like, etc.) but when I try to set up ICS I get error 765, stating a LAN connection is already configured with the IP address that is required for automatic IP addressing. I do not get it because I thought that the address required was and I have assigned all connections to be anything other than that. I have verified this in command prompt with ipconfig/all. I also tried to give the other connections addresses like but but then I was unable to even have a Network Spaces connection. Anyone have any ideas?
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I tried again with re-assigning IP addresses, left LAN only set at 192.168.01 and all others as 192.168.1.X and internet connection as automatically assigned. This worked and I no longer get error message and internet connection sharing says it is assigned to LAN connection. However, on the second computer, if I use IE browser or Firefox, I cannot access any websites. Any ideas?
SOLVED Re: problem with internet sharing on 2 computers

In case anybody else has the same problem, I am posting information from another site, techspot dot com, that enabled me to solve the problem:

ICS shares the Internet connection. Your ICS server computer or 'host' becomes and it now acts as a gateway to your Internet connection.

Unfortunately, ICS does not also include a DHCP server where you can get your routing information automatically. So everything needs to be done manually. Here's how it should be set up.

The client computer should have the following network settings.

* Use the following IP address:
IP: (The last digit can vary, up until 254, but it cannot be 1. '2' should work fine)
Default Gateway:

*Use the following DNS Server addresses
Preferred DNS:
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I see, interesting. But because I kept getting error 765 when I used the wizard or tried to manually set up the IP addresses, I ended up switching APIPA off in registry. Is DHCP involved with APIPA? I think maybe that that manual setting of the DNS was necessary in the case of switching off APIPA, but I am certainly no expert in this kind of thing.
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