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problem with installing windows xp

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Settings: Asus P5LD2
No floppy dsk drive atm
Hitachi 250GB [PRI_IDE]
Plextor DVD-R set as Master [PRI_EIDE]
Generic DVD ROM set as Slave [PRI_EIDE]

BIOS Configure:
Confire SATA As [Standard IDE]
Onboard IDE Operate Mode [Compatible mode]
combined mode option [Primary P-ATA+S-ATA]

I've success installed Windows XP Pro SP1 with this setting. After i log-in windows and couldn't find my DVD drives.

I turned off the pc, and switch the cable for the hard drive to:
Hitachi 250GB [PRI_EIDE]
Plextor DVD-R set as Master [SEC_EIDE]
Generic DVD ROM set as Slave [SEC_EIDE]

BIOS configure i kept the same setting. then when windows boot-up and gave me a blue screen and continously restarts.

Does anyone have any suggestions.
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can anyone help me with this problem?
What are the jumper settings on the back of the DVD drives?
So I can fully understand your setup are the Hard disk and
DVD drive using the same Eide cable?

If so you will have problems getting the DVD write speed
anywhere close to the manufacturer specs when sharing the
same Eide channel with the HD. You can put the DVD-ROM
drive as slave to the HD on EIDE 0 if you will be using both
DVD drives simultanously sometimes with an acceptable
performance loss.

I'd recommend putting your DVD-R drive on a separate EIDE
channel with the DVD-R Master DVD-ROM slave configuration.

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to work4me,

the single hard drive is connected to PRI_IDE port. and the two dvd are connected to PRI_EIDE port, these letters are printed on the mainboard. This is a Asus P5LD2 mainboard, LGA-775 socket, PCI express.
the setting on DVD's are master and slave and connected on seperated port with the hard drive.

Is the Hitachi Hard drive a SATA drive?
If so then you may want to consider connecting it to the SATA1 connector.
The SATA cable and power cable should of came with the motherboard.

Then you would need to change the BIOS setting for
Confire SATA As [Standard IDE] to

Confire SATA As [SATA1] or SATA

Then you would leave the DVD drives connected to the
Pri-EIDE connector and attempt to Start Windows.

If no luck then Start Windows in Safe Mode if I remember correctly,
it lists the files as they are loading and record the names of the
three before and the file that the boot process stops at and post them.
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i got it to work, thanks alot work4me.
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