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Problem with green dots

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I got a weird problem I've never seen before and neither could I find anything about it on internet.

First of all - the computer has ASUS X300 video card and 17" LCD display (LG FLATRON).

When rendering some 3D scene, the computer is showing green dots over monitor. They are displayed in quite regular pattern. There is about 14 of them in diagonal lines and always two of them together, one an inch above the other. Those dots are not single pixels, they are a little bit bigger. Sometimes they blink, sometimes they dissapear, sometimes reappear at different places. But mostly they stay in the same diagonal setting.
They appear in all resolutions and all refresh rates in roughly the same places and have the same size.
When displaying some 2D data (desktop, textfiles, images, internet), everything is ok (well, some icons are not not displayed - only blank space instead of them, should there be some connection?).
Except for movies. When watching a movie (not depending on codec), the dots are there again, but they are only in the movie window and a little bit blurry. Really weird...

Anyone got any ideas? Thanks in advance...
I suspect the video card is either overheating or bad, but I could be wrong...
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Bunches of dots on the screen is a common symptom of damaged video RAM. If the dots show up in screen shots then the video RAM may be your problem.You could try underclocking your video RAM with ATITool (instructions here). If reducing the video RAM clock rate makes the dots disappear then it usually means that the video RAM is damaged or overheating. Reducing the clock rate doesn't always "fix" bad video RAM but it's pretty common. If it really is bad RAM then there's nothing you can do about it other than live with a reduced clock rate or cool the RAM better. ATITool has an artifact tester built into it which you can use to see if lowering the clock rates solves your problem.
Thanks a lot. This may be my problem. I will try to underclock the VRAM and if it won't help then try to return the card back to shop..
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