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Problem with Geforce FX5200 after using AoE3 demo

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Sorry in advance for the lengthy post but i wanted to explain in detail my problem.

Okay, right now i feel like a computer noob. I downloaded the new Age of Empires 3 demo and played it. Before it started up it gave me a pop-up telling me that my graphics card may not be able to handle it and that it may cause corruption but i clicked to attempt to run anyway. The first time i tried to play it ran. The lighting effects were a bit off and it was a little slow but i was able to play. I played for about 2 hours and then closed it. The next day I tried playing it again, got the pop-up and it started to startup but then my screen froze. I hard shutdown(press the on button till it shut off) and tried again. It still didn't work and by this time I was starting to think I messed up my card. The game requires a 256mb card and I have a 128mb card. I have tried to reinstall the drivers and directx using the driver cd that came with the card but whenever i try to start a 3d game(secondlife, guildwars, etc.) the computer freezes and i hard shut it down. I fear that I may have overclocked and/or corrupted the direct3d part of the card. I went into the statistics thing and it said there were no problems but when i hit test direct3d it started to show a 3d cube and froze again. My brother tells me he has tried running mozilla but when he has more than one tab open at a time it freezes.

So, my question(if you don't need more info) is this: Have i utterly messed up my card and need to buy a new one? or can i do something to fix the card?

Thanks for the help,
Andrew Tackett
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Ok, two things I have tried reintstalling direct x and that didn't work, secondly i was incorrect when i said the demo requires 256mb it only requires 64mb. I'm going to try to reinstall windows and see if that fixes the problem.
check your temps and voltages with speedfan
list your system specs including the brand and size of p/s
ok, i have reinstalled windows and the only thing i've done is install guildwars(to try and test the graphics card) and downloaded speedfan. I have turned down the acceleration because my monitor flickered and i feared something was messing up. Speedfan tells me fan1:3700-3800rpm and fan2:0rpm. The voltage (i'm assuming this is the stuff at the bottom) is as follows: VCORE: 1.6v 3.3+V: 3.26V +5V: 5.03V +12V: 12.22V -12V: -14.91V -5V: -7.71V +5VSB: 5.43V VBAT: 0.00V. It seems this should be alarming but it says temp1:69-70C with a fire thing next to it and temp2:40C with a downarrow and HD0:37C. I think this is probably way too hot so i'm going to shut this computer down and use the other until i get a reply. Also, the specs from system information are: windows xp professional version 2002 service pack 1(newly installed) pentium(R) 4 cpu 3.06 ghz 3.03 ghz 512 mb of RAM.

P.S. One last thing i forgot to mention which might be of importance. it said there was an error with a drawing from the graphics card and asked to send a microsoft error report which i sent.

Thanks for the help,
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I think its the game or the fact its not a finished product yet, I had the same problem and I think it comes up on every cpu attempting to run it. The cpu I am on currently can handle it and its only got a MX4000 in it with 64MB, runs it smoothly, although with only 256 ram in it, it will lag at times. I also see you got SP1, I would hit SP2 to see if that corrects any problems you may have with it, but I wouldnt sweat the fact you got problems running it until the full version comes out.

I wouldnt worry about it.
You don't think my temp is too high? I tried looking on Google for good temps and some people said that above 60C is to high and above 65C can damage the computer. I'm not sure about this but i do know that my computer may not have been getting enough space for air circulation. I moved it so it should get more circulation if that will help.
I doubt temperature is too high, if you run any other games with no problem, I would think its the game, I mean I had that same error come up on 3 cpus but it ran it smoothly.
Ok, i have tried to play guild wars after putting acceleration back up but when it was starting up the display stoped before it showed the beginning screen and the computer rebooted. When it finished booting it show me an error report:

Computer restarted after an unexpected shutdown. Microsoft Windows detected a possible device failure.
The driver for the display device was unable to complete a drawing operation. Please check with the device manufacturer for a driver update.
The display driver for NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 seems to be responsible for the system instability.
The error signature said this: zAppName : Drivers.Display szAppVer : 10DE0322A100000000
szModName : nv4_disp.dll szModVer : Offset : E91D06EA

I also downloaded second life and when i started to run it it said i had an error: an out of date SiS driver.

I think this means i need some kind of motherboard driver...??? Tell me what you guys think.

Thanks for the help,
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I have again tried looking up good temps and I found out that P4 (i assume that's a pentium 4, which i have) shut down automatically if the temp gets too high. Might that be why i keep shutting down when i try to run guild wars? I don't know much about this but any suggestion would be appreciated.

Thanks for the help,
you got the latest driver?

is your video card fan working?
I do have the latest video driver but i didn't even know the video card had a fan. SpeedFan says fan1 is running but fan2 isn't so i guess the fan isn't working. How can i fix it? Does this mean the card may have melted partially?

Thanks for the help,
redo your cpu with some artic silver
if the fan on the video card is not working replace it
for the nv4 dll error
in the device manager uninstall the card
reboot tapping f8 and choose vga mode
when windows finishes reinstalling the card
disable a/virus
install your drivers
reboot the computer
to lower the case temps you need a fan at the bottom front of the case drawing air in
and one high up on the rear to take the hot air out,this creates a coolair flow across the components
and make sure you have space around the outside of the case,don't put it in an enclosed space
speedfan will not read your video fan,if you only have the cpu fan connected to the m/b then the rest will read zero
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