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problem with file permission

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:pray:Dear sir.
I have problem with share and ntfs permission.I share a folder named CCNA for a user named ze3a2010 this user riside in active directory.Wher I want to apply permission for that user on the shared folder named CCNA I did the following
1- from the share permission tab (everyone=full control )
2-from the security tab (ze3a2010=read only)
we know the resuilt is the user named ze3a2010 will restricted with read only
permission(as the most restrictive is the most effective,right?)but that user still has the capability of delete and creat new file.
i want to know what is the problem.

when i make the opposite(share permission everyone=read and ntfs permission for user name ze3a2010 =full controll"the result is that user restricted with read permission and cannot make any change for that folder")
please help me
[email protected]
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Do not post your email address on forums, you will get A LOT of spam.

It sounds like the NTFS permissions aren't applying. Check to see that he isn't a part of a group that has elevated privileges. Also, with give him read only in the NTFS permissions and then use the effective permissions tool to see what it says his permissions are. It doesn't factor in the share permissions so that will isolate the problem
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