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Hi everyone, i have the following situation:

I have set up a windows server 2003 standard edition as a domain controller and ras server.
The domain controller is working in mixed mode (so access to the ras server is managed at user level).
The ras server uses windows authentication and has 1 remote access policy with matching condition: "nas-port-type matches asynch modem"
The profile of the policy in the authentication tab, has all this authentication methods selected: EAP, MS-CHAP V2 ,MS-CHAP, CHAP,PAP,SPAP.

The Domain users selected for testing have the Allow access mark checked in their corresponding dial-up tab.

When i dial-up from a windows xp machine, their is no problem at all, i tried all the authentication methods available: "ms-chap1/2 chap, pap, shiba...".

When i dial-up from ubuntu, using wvdial, i can connect successfully to many different RAS servers but mine. This is what happens with mine:
wvdial starts dialing and reaches a point where it says: "--> Carrier detected. Waiting for prompt."
after a while says "--> Don't know what to do! Starting pppd and hoping for the best."
writes a few more lines and the modem gets disconnected.
On the ras server log appears an entry for the user, with reject-reason: "ias_invalid_auth_type"

It's like wvdial never gets a prompt for username etc ; , how come it doesn't get a prompt but the server knows which user is trying to connect?

What is happening here?
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