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Problem with Dell Dimension 2350 - no splash screen, POST beeps

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A few days ago, my computer shut down on it's own. I rebooted it, and it shut down again before the Windows splash screen came up. Rebooted again, and I got no BIOS splash screen, and a POST error beep (one long, one short). Upon checking inside my PC, I found that the heatsink retention bracket had broken. I've ordered a new one to replace the broken one, but now I'm wondering...One long and one short beep means a motherboard problem, right? Would a broken heatsink bracket even cause this error beep? I'm concerned that even if I get a new retention bracket, I may have to replace the mobo (perhaps it fried due to overheating?). Should I just wait for the bracket to arrive, or should I just start shopping for a new mobo now?
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Sounds like the cpu got hot and shut down due to the fail safe. Then you turned it on again and it got even hotter for the few seconds it could and shut off again. Off hand Id say cpu. Can you see any damage to the mobo where it broke off? Being plastic this item would have nothing to do with the electric workings of the mobo. ie no grounding issues. Any idea how or when it got broke? Might of been broken awhile, not really doing its job and this is just the end result...

Get the bracket and see what happens after you install it. X figures for ya here! Good luck
I do alot of ebay shopping when Im looking for items to test problems with. Like with my own pc, I needed a more powerful psu to see if that would fix a problem with a new cpu. Maybe not enough wattage. No way I was going to test this idea with a psu outta a store. Though a friend suggested I buy a new one from best buy, test it and return it if that wasnt the problem. I didnt wanna risk being stuck with a spendy psu I didnt need. So off ebay I picked up just what I needed. A 500watt Ultra V psu for 25.49. Its brand new in box and half the price of the cheapest on the net.

After a quick look here is what the Dell 2350 can use for cpus:

Intel® Pentium® 4 that runs at 1.80, 2.00, 2.40, or 2.50 GHz internally and 400 MHz externally;

Intel Celeron® that runs at 1.70, 2.00, 2.10, 2.20, or 2.30 GHz internally and 400 MHz externally.

A quick look on ebay (components/desktop/cpu/intel) 400 fsb listed 14 cpus averaging around 35.00 including shipping. Oh and 6.00 for a bracket.

I sometimes suggest taking a cpu into a locale place or best buy (the geeks) to get tested. But that costs about 40 bucks here. At this price Id roll the dice on ebay. Safe net would be if someone offers refund if doa. Though shipping is never refunded in these cases. Good luck
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