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Problem with computer

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When I'm playing for a while, or sometimes randomly when I start my computer my screen messes up. I have a good idea it's the graphics card, but because of how sporadic it is I'm not sure. Empire total was is completely messed up at lowest setting, although on occasion I can play crisis full spec no problem.all drivers are up to date. Sometimes there is still audio when it happens.The photo of the car is usually normal btw(color etc.) What's going on?!

Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, 280 gtx, 6gb patriot 2000mhz, rampage 3 extreme, 1000w coolermaster psu, 980x i7 liquid cooled, 500gb hdd


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Hello and welcome to TSF!

Could I please start you off with downloading AIDA64 from my signature and testing the temperatures of your GPU;
  • Idle,
  • Under load; and if you can,
  • When these errors occur

It would also be worth checking if the fan is spinning and that all the dust around the card is removed as well.

Please post back when you have done this :D

Oh, and if you have a spare GFX card lying around try using that one and checking if these errors persist.

Good luck!
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Try the GPU in another PC or try another GPU in your PC.
What Model Number is the CoolerMaster PSU?
Check your Temps & Voltages in the Bios and check your CPU temps.
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