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Hi there,

I bought a P4G8x Deluxe mobo this week and installed
it into my PC. It was replacing my AMD based ABit

There appears to be a problem that I can't seem to
figure out and would much appreciate your help as the
resellers, ASUS and downloads have not solved it.

Basically when I go to restart my PC it will just
power off when Windows has finished. It does not

When I power on the machine it will remain powered up
for around 1 second upon where it immediately powers

When I switch the base unit back on it goes straight
into the BIOS saying that the PC hung last time due to
an invalid CPU setting.

I then Exit and Save settings and it immediately powers off again...but not every time. It will then restart then power off or start up the OS.

All the CPU settings are on Auto...nothing has been
manually changed.

Here are my sys specs :

Asus P4G8x Deluxe mobo
2.53Ghz Pentium 4
350W Power supply
512mb PC2700 DDR RAM
ATi Radeon 9700 Pro 128mb
40GB IBM Deskstar HDD
60GB Seagate Barracuda HDD
Creative Audigy

Just a note that I did not have this problem with the
AMD motherboard or the above equipment before this
install and the latest BIOS is installed.

Your help is much appreciated as this is driving me up the wall!!!!


Chris Chambers

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I'd start by doing a BIOS CMOS clear and setting the defaults. You might go into the BIOS and see what it's sensing your CPU as, and verify it's correctly setting the speed.
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