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problem w/ xp install

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Hello all,
I just recently put together a pc and installed windows xp woth no problem........Upon reboot I am getting a dark blue screen error message that says "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" and it will not let me continue any farther. I am out of ideas so any help would be greatly appreciated....Thanks....................

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If you got more than 2 harddrives then the is it a simple problem. you got a conflict between them. the disk where XP is on must set on master. the other on slave. if this is done I can`t help you further. I hope I`m of some help. good luck with it.
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Take a look here..................:D
This is almost always associated with a device driver, so that's where I'd look first. Of course, since you posted no information on your system, it's hard to guess what it might be...
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