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Problem viewing videos

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Hey everyone,
Whenever i try to play any video in any format in windows media player, my computer freezes and i usually have to restart. It is very frustrating, any help is appreciated!

System specs-
Windows XP service pack 1
Windows Media Player vers. 10
nNvidia geForce 6600 GT (77.77 driver)
Pent. 4

If any additional info is needed feel free to ask.
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-Your system is infected with malware
-Ram is not sufficient or faulty
-Windows media player got corrupted (malware might cause this)
-Your codec files or even one might have gone corrupted (if you installed additional ones)

Recommendations :
-Check your ram. If possible try a different stick
-Download cleanup go to and do the free online scans and you can post a hjt log on this forum.
-Reinstall media player ( you can download it from MS website)
-Uninstall the codec packages. Try.
-Uninstall - reinstall your video drivers.

Good Luck
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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