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I've got an ASUS P4P800 Deluxe, with 2 S-ATA Maxtor 80Gb hard disk.

I downloaded the latest Intel Driver (ver. 3.5.2) for RAID controller and installed it on a floppy disk.
I upgraded bios to 1010 release.

During w2k installation I always push F6 to install the correct Intel Raid Driver. It seems go good.

Always goes good...

But when w2k installation begin to copy the several file to my Raid 0 couple, the installation notify me that the file copied is not a correct image and specify me the file name.
This happened with different files.

I've tried to change w2k CD installation (I suspected a bad CDRom disk).
I've tried to change the boot CD-ROM player (I've got a Plextor writer and an LG DVD player)...

Nothing has changed.
w2k Installation can't copy the necessary file.

Can anybody suggest me something to superate the problem?

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