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Problem starting Omnibook 6000

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I'm trying to fix my daughters laptop, when I turn it on I just get gobbledegook in what looks like a dos window. when I try to go to the BIOS there's several images ghosted over the top of each one making it difficult to see what to do.
Somebody said I could try removing the BIOS battery to try and erase all the previous settings, so I'm trying to dismantle the laptop to get at the battery, but it's proving to be very difficult, as I don't want to break the case, I have undone all the screws I can see but it still wont come apart, can anybody help please?
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I would start by searching with this link:

HP usually has pretty good support documents.

Most laptop CMOS batteries these days are really just RTC (Real Time Clock) batteries. Much of today's CMOS is non volatile.

Usually the CMOS/RTC battery can be found under a small removable cover on the bottom of the laptop or under the keyboard. The keyboard does not usually require major disassembly, you just need to know the trick to release the keyboard latches on most machines.

Do not start by trying to fully disassemble the machine, this may get you in a tough spot.

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