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My computer will not boot up. It goes to the windows splash screen with the little bar going accross and it will stay like that..

Here are the facts:

1) C: is boot disk and one with OS on it
2) D: is the slave hard drive- installed it 3 months ago with no problems until now
3) computer only boots in safe mode
4) if i disconnect the D: drive the computer boots normally
5) nothing was physically changed between when it worked to when it doesnt work
6) nothing was changed in bios from when it booted to when it stopped booting normally

The fact that it works in safe mode but otherwise wont, leads me to believe it to be a driver that was corrupted somehow.. Here is what I have done to try and fix the problem:

1) Defraged D: and scanned for bad sectors
2) Checked D: for viruses
3) changed the cables around from the working DVD rom, didnt change anything

Any suggestions on my next step?
Does performing DSKCHK do anything that scanning for bad sectors through system tools doesnt do?

Thanks for any help that you can provide...
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