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Problem: Sharing Win2k Resources

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Problem: Sharing Win2k Resources

I have multiple XP systems that utilize the internet and share resources through a router. I have recently added a Win2k system to the network and I am able to access the internet fine once I set it up with a valid IP. Unfortunately I cannot see shared drives or resources on the Win2k machine from my XP machines nor can I access the XP machines from the Win2k machine.

I am sure Win2k is a wonderful OS for complex networks, however, it is over kill for me and I can’t get this whole permissions, sharing, security, and etc thing to work it seems.

I have set the Win2k machine to the same workgroup as my other PC’s. The XP PC’s are DHCPing addresses with a subnet of and a gateway of I set the Win2k machine to use the static IP of with the same subnet, gateway, and a DNS server of

The only components installed with the Win2k Network Connection are: Client for windows..., File and print sharing..., and TCP/IP. At this point, on XP machines, you should see each other (without the additional sharing/security settings).

I have tried various settings to allow for the Win2k and XP machines to see each other, but none has worked. Rather than tell you what I have done, I would rather just do it from scratch correctly.

By the way, while I don’t think NetBEUI is needed unless you are using a pre-Win2k Windows OS, I turned it on for giggles. I did notice that the workgroup now listed my XP machine, however, when I connect I get the “network path was not found” error.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Start with the basics.

Disable ALL firewalls until you get file sharing working. On some 3rd party firewalls, you may have to uninstall them to get them to release their grip.

Can you ping between the machines by IP address and by name? No reason to go any farther until this works.

Have you created an account on the 2K machine and the XP machine that matches the name/password as is used on the connecting machine?

In most cases, you should simply enable DHCP on the machines and not be manually configuring them.

Let's see this for each machine:

For 98 or ME, Start, Run, COMMAND to open a DOS window:
--- or ---
For 2K or XP, Start, Run, CMD to open a DOS window:

Type the following command:


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.
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