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Problem installing xp sp2

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Hi, i recently reformatted my hard drive, and reinstalled windows xp sp1 on my machine. However, when i tried to install sp2, i got a little way in when my pc just restarted. i think this happened when the box said "running processes before install". Now everytime i try to install the same thing happens. But when I first got this pc (about 6 months ago) i installed sp2 without any problems. Maybe its because i reinstalled lots of programs before trying to install sp2? I dont know. Also, when my pc finsished restarting an error report thing comes up saying that my system has recovered from a serious error (or something) and when i click to see more details the web page tells me that there is a problem with my drivers. I'm not sure whether i need to update my drivers but there arent any available on the windows update site. Ive since installed all the updates for sp1. Sorry.. this has been a bit long..

Anyway, any help will be much appreciated!
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Installing SP2 after installing many software titles usually isn't a good idea. I try to hold off on installations of anything until that's done.
so should i try uninstalling all programs and then try installing sp2 again? or should i just not bother.. is sp2 really that important..?
I don't think there is a problem with installing programs on a PC before you update to SP2. Heck, loads of SP1 users managed to update without many issues, and I doubt they uninstalled all their software to do so. I know I didn't.

Some things to try.

1. Disconnect from the internet (unplug modem or cable)
2. Turn off any firewall and virusscan software you run.
3. Close down any other background apps.

Now try installing the SP2 update.
thanks for the reply. ill try doing that and post back later if i still have any probelms. thanks!
hi, i tried doing it but the same thing happened again. it just restarted half way through at the same point. is there any other thing that i can try to do apart from reformat my hard drive again and install sp2 straight after?
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