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Ok, this problem is driving me CRAZY

Here is the situation:

I am trying to install an Operating system From scratch on a formatted Hard Drive. (It had a os on there and everything was workin fine), but after I formatted it, IT DOESN"T WANA ACCEPT ANY OS.

This is what happens. Everytime I try to run setup for ANY! O.S., I always get an error of some sort. For example, I try to Run Win Xp setup onto the formatted Drive, I get an error saying "CDR101 Error, Not ready Reading Drive E"...........

Desperately trying to put ANY O.S. on there, I try to install Win98 instead................. I run setup, It does the HD Scan like usual, than it goes in setup , Than after a few seconds, It pops up an error saying something about a generic error, cannot locate an install INF file or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most of the time, it doesn't even Go in Setup...........

I have tried more than 10 cd's of each O.S., and I always get an error of some sort!

Please help me and tell me possible solutions.

Thanks a lot,

Da Tru Masta

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