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Problem in call of duty

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I am playing call of duty. At a certain level the error is : CMod_Load Brush: brush has less than 6 sides.
I am very desparate to complete game.
can any1 help me in this?
Thank You.

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this could be from a bad installation
to fix this do so:

1) Place Call of Duty "disc 2" in the CD-ROM drive.
2) Open My Computer.
3) Right-click on the Call of Duty CD and select Open.
4) Open the Setup folder on the CD.
5) Open the Data folder on the CD.
6) Open My Computer again.
7) Open the Call of Duty folder on your hard drive, (eg:"C:\Program Files\Call of Duty.")
8) Copy the "MAIN" folder from the CD-ROM drive into the Call of Duty folder.
9) If prompted to overwrite files, do so.

hope that helps
please report back
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