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[Problem]Explorer Ends on Image Rollover

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Hello All,
Recently I have noticed that whenever I rollover any image file on my computer (Bmp, Png, Gif, Jpeg, dosen't matter happens with them all), Before the image tooltip appears I get a debug error from explorer..

I attempt to debug it using visual c++, but I just get access violation..

I believe it might be a registry problem, but I could really have no say because this is a odd error I've never experienced before and I am unable to find on Google..

After I click Ok, my explorer.exe terminates then relaunches itself, as if nothing happened.. but if I happen to hover over any other image file, it just occurs again..

If anyone knows about this could you please post a solution?

Microsoft Windows XP
Version 2002
Service Pack 2
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Hi sirhiro and welcome to TSF !

The 0x03a61468 address is most likely part of the RAM address range, I'd start by checking your memory. Download, unzip and burn memtest86+'s bootable .iso image file using a burning software that can handle .iso files. Enter the BIOS at startup (repeatedly press del or look for some "press xx to enter setup" message) and set the boot priority to CD-rom first. Leave memtest run overnight and report if it finds any error.

If the ram is fine it could be a faulty explorer plugin or some malware. See this information about 0xC0000005 errors :

If the problem only happens with picture files I'd look for some picture editing software that added some context menu when you click on images.

Use ShellMenuView from NirSoft to see what's the common item that's associated to all those file types. Disable all instances of that application with ShellMenuView or uninstall it and see if it helps.

See if the problem also happens when you start the computer in safe mode (repeatedly press F8 during startup). If it doesn't happen in safe mode then go to start => run and type msconfig. Go to the startup tab. The problematic application is probably in this list. Check bleepingcomputer's startup database to know what each item does and disable the ones you don't need.
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Thank you very much for all the help.
I tried ShellMenuView today and that did nothing, and I burned a disk with memtest86+ on it so tonight I'm going to try that.

Thanks again!
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