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haiklam said:
pc specs:
p5gdc-deluxe - 3.2 Ghz
1028 mb
sata 250 gig maxtor

hd partitioned with maxblast (gives a lot of problems but after a while it works).

When my xp is loading (you know with progress-bar etc.) it reboots without any warning or message. This can go on for a few times and then all of a sudden i get in xp. In xp i can see nothing in the logs (logical because they arent loaded at that moment).
I have used an ata hd with this specs and then the problem doesn't excists.

Anyone an idea??
And yes i have all the patches and sp etc.


I see you din't get a response on this one, so thought I would take a look at it. Might be that this is hardware related rather than Microsoft operating system related.

Anyhow, you said you used Maxblast (great program by the way) and it gives a lot of problems, but got it to work. Just what kind of problems? When I use Maxblast on computer, I just rarely see any kind of error so this might be a key ingredient.

Second, do you have a very recent BIOS upgrade, because some of these SATA problems are fixed with a later BIOS upgrade?

Third, when loading the XP inititally, did you press F6 to load the extra drivers.

Fourth, Do you have the boot order set properly in your BIOS setup menu?

Lastly, I don't know this particular board (so many to know), but do you have the SATA drive plugged into a non-raid Sata port if the board has that? Might want to double check your manual to make sure. (for example, my A8N-sli deluxe has 4 raid and 4 non-raid Sata ports.

After you take a look at these areas, post back and we will look again at possible issues.

Addendum: I have also found in some stubborn install issues that if you take out the IDE hard drive while installing the SATA, it works and doesn't seem to give some errors. Just something that I have used to get done what I need to do. When done, I put them back in and you are good to go.
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