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Problem after VGA flash

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Hello, I've got an acer aspire 5920G with nvidia 9500M GS and tried to flash my GPU earlier. Everything went ok, flashing operation went on successfully, then reboot and.. nothing, just a black screen, nothing boots up, the cd player lights up, the fan start and then nothing.
I tried a blind flash but it just doesn't work.

Anyone knows if there's a way to re-flash it or just to get it to work again?
I don't have any other pci card and.. it's a laptop so I don't even know if it could work anyway.

Thanks in advance
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what exactly did you flash

is flash the right word
I tried to flash a new bios for my vga card, I had a buggy one and it was advised to update it..

(I used the nvflash software under Dos)
who advised the update,did you make them aware it was a onboard chip and not an actual card

do you have a link you can post to the update
No one in particular, I had some problems with drivers update and lots of people said it was because of my vga bios version which seems to have problems with many new features.

Are you sure it's an onboard chip? I used a 9500m gs bios to update it so it's laptop specific. I guess it was ok on this part.

I got this one to update it
techPowerUp! :: VGA Bios Collection: Acer 9500M GS 512 MB

I've read about a Fn+Esc thingy to flash the motherboard bios, do you think that could help?
i don't know if it is a card or onboard chip i have not been able to find the specs

have asked one of the l/p techs to look at the problem
9500m gs is a chip.
Does it change something? Would a motherboard bios flash do the trick?
A bad flash commonly results in the need to replace the chip. That chip is commonly soldered to the Mobo and can be very expensive to replace.
Note: Bios updates should only be done if the update directly addresses a problem you are experiencing.
Well I did have a problem, that's why I tried to update the bios to solve it.
It's just even worse now !
What I don't understand is that there has been no error during the flashing.
I've seen people solving this with another pci card, booting on the first card, flashing back the second one but.. I don't have another card and I doubt I even have a second slot to put it in.
Did the Bios update description relate to your problem?
You do not have a graphics card. Your laptop, as well as most laptops, use Onbaord Graphics.
Why would there be some bios update for this card/chip or whatever then?
There's only one kind of 9500M GS

I'm not sure to get what you mean, it was a bios update for this hardware, not for a different one
There can be Bios updates for many reasons. It is advisable to ONLY do an update if that particular update addresses your particular problem(s). You have not offered any reason you did the update other than it was "recommended" by "lots of people".
I have no doubt the update was intended for that particular chipset.
It is somtimes possible to reflash to an earlier Bios version but you have to be able to boot to the Bios. You can take the laptop to a qualified repair facility and inquire about the cost of replacement.
I tried to flash it because I had graphical problems as soon as I tried to update my drivers, problems caused by the bios version I had.

Yeah I guess I'll have to go a repair facility. Thanks for your help
You're welcome. Please let us know the outcome.
They didn't bother to repair it, they said it would be too expensive to get a new video card and that they couldn't flash it back.
I guess I'll buy a new one and try to repair it elsewhere, I've got some doubts about their work !

Thanks anyway !
If they told you the laptop has a video card then don't go there for any reason.
You will most likely require new chip and that plus labor will most certainly cost more than a new laptop.
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