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I have a very unique problem, my problem is that I am accessing the Internet through proxy very well.
We have a complete setup of our own means we have lease line of 1 Mbps and web server , mail server and proxy server is installed at the same location. So we are getting the internet through proxy server. Means I I reporting the problem in my own LAN. I am not ueing the Broadband or any dial up Internet connection.
Suddenly I am not able to acess the internet on my private ip ( but if I change my IP to new any in the same range like I suddenly access the internet. If I give the same ip to other machine it work fien and give me the access to internet. For this I check
1. Firewall of windows - it is off.
2. pinging the switch managment IP and Default getway but not the Proxy server.
3. cable and NIC is ok.
4. Scan for Viruses and now no viruses in the Computer.
please give me the solution I know the problem is in Windows Xp ple tell the problem and solution urgently.
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