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I just bought the above phone and was concerned to see the access to my private data that Samsung requests in the tos and privacy agreements. Will opting-out and controlling the data at Samsung privacy website make this phone equal or better to other phones in limiting the use of my personal data? If not which phone would you prefer?

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For services or apps which require a Samsung Account, you can see, download, or delete the personal data Samsung currently has collected. You can also easily delete your data from certain Samsung apps and services. Once deleted, this data is permanently erased from our servers or anonymized so it can never be traced back to you. All it takes is a few clicks. Go to Preferences to opt out of direct marketing from Samsung apps and services. This means no more ads popping up on your phone or in your email inbox. This won't affect in-app ads though.

It's possible to remove Google OS, or Samsung completely, but I would just enjoy the phone and take the usual precautions any smart consumer employs.

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The thing to remember is that there's no such thing as online privacy, and any idea that you can remain truly private online is a fantasy.

From the moment you connect to the Internet, to the moment you disconnect from it, in some way or another your every move is logged and analysed, and a profile of "you" will be created somewhere.

Whether or not this can identify you as an individual is open to debate, and most companies will claim that they "anonymise" your data.

However, collected data is frequently cross matched with other online data, so if some person or company with access to that data was sufficiently motivated to identify you, then it's highly likely that they could.

That being said, unless you're a "person of interest", then it's unlikely that anyone would want to.
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