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Printing through a wireless network

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My family has a D-Link Di-624 router. It is connected to a PC downstairs that has a printer. I have a computer upstairs. Currently, to print school reports or papers I need to put the file on my flash drive and print it downstairs.
Question: Do you need a special printer or any extra hardware to be able to print through a wireless network?
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Go Start>(Right-Click)My Computer>Properties>Computer Name

Make sure the workgroup on both computers are both set to "HOME" or something else significant. So long as they are the same.

Maked sure the computer names are different.

Next go Start>Control Panel>Printers and Faxes

Right-Click on the printer(s) you want to share and select "Sharing and Security" then somewhere there, there should be a checkbox that says "Share this printer on the network", or something like that. Check it.

Then reboot ALL computers connected to the wireless network. And you should be able to print to the wired computer.

Post back if you have any questions/problems.
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I did printer sharing last week, with both of my printers. They were both new though.

Try it, so long as you have XP SP2 a working router with a working connection. and follow my steps it should work.
No problem.
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