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Printing Black Pages

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I have a user running on Windows 98 and when he tries to print he just gets a solid black page! this only seems to happen when printing attachments from Outlook 2000 which have been sent by different users/companys and not with any certain file type, could be Word, could be imaging etc. It is an HP LaserJet 8000 PCL 6 printer and I have tried re-installing the driver but to no avail! Other people in his department can print those files from there computers but they are running Windows 95, is this a printer driver compatibility problem with 98 or is it just his PC being a C**K?
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BELITD said:
is it just his PC being a C**K?
probley the answer!! but if not or

HP LaserJet and HP Color LaserJet Printers and HP OfficeJet Product - Printer Prints Out a Black Page

In this document:
Printing problem

Printing solution

Printing problem
When trying to print, the HP LaserJet printer prints out a solid black page.

Printing solution
To correct the problem, follow the steps below:

Unplug the cable that connects the computer and printer together.
Plug the printer power cord into a wall outlet.
Print a self-test to determine if the problem is related to the printer, rather than the software.
If the problem occurs on the self-test page, replace the toner cartridge. A faulty or damaged cartridge may cause black pages.
Remove all accessories (cartridges, memory, I/O boards, etc.) and try to print a self-test again. Faulty accessories may cause black pages to be produced.
If the problem persists, the printer may need to be serviced
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Nah mate thanks for tryin but its a networked printer & can print the same documents from another computer, I think its just being a c**k!
run system file checker....

reinstall the driver ...a tip I learnedfrom Dell tech support (yes they help ONCE in a while)...delete the printer...uninstall the scan disk and defrag...then reinstall the printer...after defrag it will forget where it put it last and place it in a new spot and some of the old bugs dissapear....worked awsome for two client having un-solvable outlook problems!!

Re run the OS setup......

Get a new printer ...not to $$ and if that soves the problems.....oh well
Tried it but it didnt work. Looks like a good soloution though, ta very much I will use it in future! It seems as though the user was...confused @first, its not printing from everything or an intermittent problem, or anything to do with outlook. Its only when you print TIF images from imaging. You can print them to that printer from other programs such as Photo editor but the dimensions are allways wrong.
Is there any way of re-installing imaging without having to totally re-install Windows?
It is DEFINTALY the DRIVER.... I had the same problem in a clients office and the updated driver fixed it...Play with diffrent types of will fix it!!!

email me...and ill foward you the fix...or I post it when i am at my office:winking:
Ok then cheers but I can't seem to find your email address mine is [email protected] if you want to send it to me!!!
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