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Printing a Folder Tree?

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I'm trying to get a listing of the albums in my iMusic folder. I posted to the gadget Support forum but no one has an idea. ITunes stores the albums in a folder by artist. What I want is a listing of the Artists and the Albums and was wondering if there is a way to do that in Windows? It would be like:

Neil Young
>Harvest Moon
>After the Gold Rush
Warren Zevon
>Ordinary Life
The Who
>Live at Leeds
>Who's Next

....well you get the picture....

Is there a way to printout a folder tree down to a certain level???
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I do not know of a free way, although that does not mean that there isn't.

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It can be done by creating batch file.

You can also get into the Command Prompt and type
C:\>dir c:\directorypath /b

And all the files under that directory will be displayed.

To save and output it to a text file use this:
dir c:\directorypath /b > titles.txt

If you want to print it straight off you type:
dir c:\directorypath /b > prn

Doing a quick search gives me this link which explains it all more thoroughly:

If you want to try auto utilities, then here's some freeware:
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If the albums are actually all folder names, you could do it from the command line but I would suggest using Karen's Directory Printer.
There is also the Tree command. It doesn't re-direct well, but you can copy the command prompt screen and paste into a text file:
│   ├───74 Jailbreak (Remastered)
│   ├───Blow Up Your Video (Remastered)
│   ├───Bon Rarities
│   ├───Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
│   ├───Flick Of The Switch (Remastered)
│   ├───Fly On The Wall (Remastered)
│   ├───For Those About To Rock We Salute You
│   ├───If You Want Blood You've Got It
│   ├───Let There Be Rock (Remastered)
│   ├───Powerage (Remastered)
│   ├───The Razors Edge (Remastered)
│   └───Who Made Who (Remastered)
├───Adam Sandler
│   └───What The Hell Happened To Me
│   ├───Aerosmith - 20bit Remaster
│   ├───Armageddon The Album
│   ├───Done with Mirrors
│   ├───Draw the Line
│   ├───Get a Grip
│   ├───Get your Wings
│   ├───Gold
│   ├───Greatest Hits
│   ├───Honkin' On Bobo
│   ├───Just Push Play
│   ├───Live Bootleg
│   ├───Night in the Ruts
│   ├───Rock in a Hard Place (1993 Remaster)
│   └───Toys in the Attic
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I think you should use a tool to print folder tree, there are several tools are available.

Search For "Print-Directory"
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