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Printer ?

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Okay here is one for ya, In my office we have to printers, hp officejet color etc, ect, ect, and then a xerox printer work center, the question I have is this Can both the printers be connected to the computer? I need both of them, so right now I going over here to do this , and then back to the computer for something else.It would be a lot easier if I could just print using both printers. If its possible how. and if its not , how come.:confused:
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Yes its possible, and should be easy if its on a network. If not, you will have to manually connect it up. Thats my short answer, I'll leave the rest up to someone who knows how to do it exactly!
Also, if 1 of the printers supports usb then you can connect 1 via usb and the other via parallel. (note..if you are using windows NT then usb probably is not available)

Thanks I am in your debt, as usual reponse time was great.:tongue2:

buy a A-B box by belkin...connect both printers to the box and one box to the computer...problem solved
As usual youare great Doonz, behave everyone, out of the gutter!
That was really straight forward and to the point. But heres a new question for ya, What will make a computer load slow, 1) is it the computer, or 2) is it the internet servicer. Because my load time sucks . Here and at home and the only thing they have in common is the service.
1 st is it dial up of cable ?
if dial up...get cable....
if cable continue....

2nd is the NIC a no name 10 mps card ?
if yes spend the money and replace it with atlest a 10/100 -would love to recommend a Kingston (if you can find it buy it KNE120tx) if not linksys will do or spend more $$ for 3 com

3rd is the video card good

4th is thier enough memory

5th what os

6th what running when it is slow, was it always SLOW

:confused: :confused: these are the answers we need :angel:
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All the time and I have no idea have to check that list you gave. And its dail up by the way. And no , you suck I didnt understand a darn thing about any of it.:D ;) :tongue2:
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