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The equipment:

HP6635 w/ Win98
Lexmark Z43 printer
Cable modem

Problem: Internet connection on cable modem is lost following any print job.

Symptoms: Can not connect to any web page.
IPconfig returns "configuration error"

Restart the computer . . all's well until the next print.

Happens - every time something is printed - regardless of application.

. . . . . Any ideas will be greatfully appreciated.



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i have one thing to say about cable modems running through usb:

"Run Away! Run Away!"

i havent ever seen this be worth a dam.

in fact, saving people from this issue by replacing the usb cable with an ethernet card and a cat5 cable has made me a hero more than once.

that is almost always the reason that someone tells me they dont like the way their machine networks.

my sister uses one, and wont replace it, but her machine is also the only one on that network that cant be seen from other machines. (Even though the workgroup and sharing and stuff is set right, i promise)

anyways, i hate them, and you can get a ethernet card for like 5 bucks.

and i am pretty sure that your cable modem can run off of either type of interface, most can.

i would only use usb for networking if i couldnt do it any other way. (like in a laptop with usb ports and no open pmcia slots.)

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