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Prince Of Persia T2T

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I purchased POP t2t last month .
Game is running good on my machine but after the first speed kill,game began to slow down when I use primary weapon and back to normal again.This thing is destroying the feel in the game.
Please help.
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hello and welcome to TSF
could you please post your full PC specs:
Video Card
Mother Board
Power Supply
I think that is happening only for your graphics. It usually happens when graphics render runs slow.
my PC specs are
graphic card = VIA/S3G unichrome pro IGP
video memory = 64 mb
directx version = 10.0
cpu = Intel Xeon
operating system = Windows 7
RAM = 1 gb
Speed = 2.86 GHZ
Please help because when ever i use my primary weapon or secondary weapon the game slows down and again comes back to normal .
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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