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Presario V3000 - widescreen problem

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I owned a Presario V3000 for 1 year. My monitor is widescreen and the current used resolution is 1280x800
But now, my widescreen LCD do not work well. It only display a part of screen. (as in the attached)
With this error I
Can't see the logo boot screen of the manafacture (COMPAQ)
Can't see the window boot screen
Can't see the BIOS
Only when the Windows started, prompt to choose account then the monitor display.
And Windows only recognize my LCD as 1024x768 supported

Anybody have experienced this like me, please give me an advice!
Thank in advance


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check this document first from HP.

btw have you tried uninstall and reinstall of video drivers? if not, try to uninstall and reinstall the video drivers.

if symptom persists, try to boot another operating system like linux in live CD.
Thank you,
I have read the
"check this document first from HP."
and bring my laptop to HP care center but my laptop is not in this case.

I have also uninstalled and install the drivers but it still didn't work. But, I think it is not to OS problem. Because, I can't see the BIOS screen. Is it a hardware problem ?
Yes, It work well with an external monitor. Is it a LCD data cable error ?
please run Everest and post the Summary.

btw, please post exact model of laptop.

My laptop is V3186TU - Presario V3000.
Today, I have found a clue :
Windows do not correctly recognize my Monitor:
Now, said that my monitor is :

Digital Flat Panel (1024x768)
Driver Date 06/06/2001
Driver Version 5.1.2001.0
Driver Provider Microsoft
INF File monitor.inf
Hardware ID Monitor\MS_0003
Monitor MS

But the correct one should be
[ Plug and Play Monitor [NoDB] ]
Monitor Properties:
Monitor Name Plug and Play Monitor [NoDB]
Monitor ID LPLA500
Manufacturer LP141WX1-TLA2
Manufacture Date 2005
Serial Number None
Max. Visible Display Size 30 cm x 19 cm (14.0")
Picture Aspect Ratio 5:3
Gamma 2.20
DPMS Mode Support None

Does it make sense ?

the attached is my Everest report

Thanks you a lot for helping me


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uninstall existing video drivers (in Device Manager and check in ADD/REMOVE if there are video driver related programs) and install the video drivers from the URL below. start with the chipset driver then followed by the Nvidia driver:
It still does not work. I can only install the chipset driver and can not install the NVidia because my Laptop do not have any NVidia graphic card.

After remove and reinstall, my monitor still not be correctly recognized by Windows (Digital Flat Panel (1024x768) ).
I try it and ... it doesn't work :sigh:.
While working, my monitor sometimes flash.
It is related to some LCD error symptom ?
if it does not recognize your monitor (i thought this was laptop LCD) may be you need drivers for that monitor. try their website and may be they have some drivers for download.
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