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Hi this is my problem and it's driving me nuts.

I am running a web server here in China for my school. I have written a program that is web based. Resently I changed over from serving up from an XP pro box to a win2003 web edition box. I have a domain running on a dymanic IP running from the Constant time Dynamic IP system. I broadband net connect via PPP. I am serving my program through IIS 6.

The problem is that ever since I have changed to the Win 2003 server internet connection drops after about 3 hours, I am still connected but I cannot get out at all.

I think that the incomming traffic is ok or it seems to be, but I can not get out onto the net at all. I get the famous message of

Cannot find server or DNS error.

When I reboot the machine all is fine again for the next 3 hours or so. Last week I got 15 hours but now it seems to happen about every 3 hours.

I have checked every log file and netstat and I find NO ERRORS.

The only thing I can find is in the DYNAMIC DSN prog I get an underlying connection closed error.I have tryred running the net connection without the DNS running and the same old problem occours

I have stopped every service I can and still this happens.

All ran fine on a XP PRO BOX. (but IIS on XP is limited to 5 users and now I have 25 users so i had to upgrade)

I am now at my wits end. WHY OH WHY.

Unfortunatly here in China the infastruture is realy bad and I cant get help here and I must confess Im not that good on Networking and server admin. Im just a humble developer.

Please I beg you give me something else to try.

Thanks in advance.

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