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Powersupply fried, now what is wrong?

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To be brief. (system specs at the bottom)

The power supply fan stopped working and the computer shutdown due to temperature (assumed). After purchasing another powersupply everything seemed ok. However, the computer will hang at several points (books ok) those being, and not confined to, dxdiag, opengl/d3d games, some windows media player files. This would lead me to believe that directx needs to be reinstalled. Several attempts were made and eventually it seemed successful. However, in the dxdiag screen (before it freezes, which it always does) 3 files do not have the first 3 fields after the name. I can't remember what they are and don't want to lock the computer up finding out. I've tried booting on a cd and deleting them but they always find their way back before I can try to reinstall. Reinstalling directx9.0b doesn't seem to fix the problem either. Now, again probably video related. Problem #2, tried to reinstall windows XP but the computer freezes in two places. 1 - When booting from the xp cd and going into windows setup, when it says starting windows down at the bottom. 2 - If installing from windows and saying kill the drive and install windows over whats there it freezes after it contacts microsoft to check for setup updates. Problem #3, It also freezes in the bios setup menus. It takes about 20seconds or so.

I am assuming that the board was somehow fried in a way that allows normal usage but somehow prevents directx and the bios.. which seems off the wall, but I suppose possible. My question is does anyone have any Ideas that I haven't tried?

My next idea will probably be finding a 98 cd and formatting the system drive and trying to reinstall windows without anything on the computer running. Also as a side note, whenever the computer hangs it runs chkdsk on d: but in some instances nothing on d: was running. chkdsk on all drives reveals nothing wrong.

ECS P4s5a/DX
1.8ghz P4
Ati Radeon 9500
SB Live!


I'd provide a dxdiag printout but it freezes before I can do so.
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