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Power Supply works but machine doesn't.

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Hey, I have the same problem with my machine, brand new mobo, CPU, and ram is on its way(still using same brand and type I ordered but incase its bad ram). With everything connected the PSU just flashes, it has a red led fan inside it, but nothing else happens, LEDs on mobo are lit but no startup.

I thought it was the PSU at first BUT when I put the PSU in another, similar machine, it works fine.

Everything but the RAM, Video, and PSU are brand new. Would ram actually be doing this or is it stll the PSU and its quirky with this one machine?

Im gonna be buying an 1100w PSU soon anyway but I still dont see why the PSU will work in one machine and not the new one with all new parts.

thanks in advance.
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Hi and welcome to TSF.
I've moved your post into a new thread as threads are user-specific and not topic-specific. This is because although the symptoms may be the same the cause - and solution - may be different.
Update, Ram came in, had a GeekSquad friend tell me it COULD be ram, guess what, its not. same problem. Ive now created a new machine munus Video, tried another PSU I know works and still has the same problem.
All I can guess is one of the many parts I bought was DOA.

I begin again with the Mobo as an obvious easy fix...
If it wasnt for bad luck I'd have no luck at all...
Do the fans on the mobo start up?
What power supply is this one? Also, please list your specs so we can tell if things are sufficient. The problem with trying the supply in another machine, unless the specs are exactly the same, that doesn't tell us too much at times.
No nothing happens when I hit the power button cept the red leds in the PSU itself flash once.

the PSU is more than enough for the machine:
its an MGE Vortec 600w
CPU is a AMD 2.0 Dual Core (brand new)
MSI K9VGM-V Micro ATX mobo (brand new)
PCIE x16 video 512m
2gb G.Skill DDR2 Ram (brand new)
120g WD SATA 3gbps (brand new)

Thing is, that it was working fine till I moved the guts to another case. Previously it was in a HUGE cube case with 7x 120mm fans, 6x 80mm fans, 4x Red light tubes, Tachomoter, Watercooling system, built in speaker drive, Fan controllers, and a card reader. It was like a mini Vegas in a box!
This is it running like a charm:

But I moved it to another case to repaint the cube AGAIN. no shiny things, no doo-hickies, ZZZZITPOP.

Was running beautifully now I get a red flash of death and thats all.
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check you have the correct amount of standoffs and they line up with the holes in the m/board
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