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power supply help!

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ok, this is wut happens:

ive got a 300watt power supply
it aint enough 4 the drives/mobo/fans (2x5 1/2" bay fans, 3 case fans, 2 hdd cooling racks) so, i stole an old 250 off my old case, since i got a bargain on my full tower... n e way

i wanna hook up my 300watt to my mobo, and my 250 to drives and fans, when i turn 1 of them on, i cant turn the other off, theyre both on sperate circuit breakers too, why doesnt my 250 turn on when my 300 is on, and vice versa?

is it magenetic interference, and i should get a de-magnetizing sheet down?

and help is greatly appreciated, thanx!
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It could be that the power connected to some of your devices is looping and the power supply is confused as to what it should do.
But Im not an electrician.

thanx 4 trying, but its not that, i dont even need 2 hook n e thing up 2 the pwr supply 2 turn it on, but when 1 is on, the other wont go on, i dunno, maybe ill talk 2 a friend who's an electrician, but amazingly he also has a+ cert, so....

thanx n e way
Could be something with the way the case is grounded.
I would be interested in the outcome. Please post the solution when you get a chance.

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