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Power Supply Failure

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Hello, I have a big problem with my computer and have had many issues that I have figured out that had to do with my power supply, which im pretty sure is the problem. Out of the blue a couple of years ago when my old computer was running, it would randomly shutoff and over heat and such. I had to keep a fan near the open case of my computer just to keep it cool. Many times has it shutoff and when I try to turn it on I have a technique that I use to turn it on, or else it will just keep restarting. Now, my computer does the same, and nothing will show up on my screen, I have tried different monitors and have taken the battery out of my motherboard and placed it back in to see if that was the problem, it wasn't. What should I do?
I appreciate all help and feed back, thanks for looking at my thread!.

My computer specifications are
Intel motherboard
A soundcard
Maxtor 250gb Hard drive
Optimax Titan Power model : ATX-450PS Voltage is 115 - 230
Cd/Dvd Burner
Now I don't even know if I have a video card..
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If your monitor cable attaches to the Mobo horizontally you have a dedicated GPU. If it connects vertically you have Onboard Graphics.
Your PSU is certainly a very low quality unit and would be a suspect. If it was a replacement 2 yrs. ago consider yourself fortunate it has lived this long.
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