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Power Supply blown

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My friend asked me to come over to her house and look at her PC, which had started emitting smoke from the power supply. She said that she smelt burning for a while then there was a puff of smoke from the power supply and the machine went dead.

I opened the machine, removed the power supply and opened this up. There was a small heat/burn mark on the PCB but no major damage.

I recommended she get a new power supply unit, hoping that nothing else had been damaged. When I installed the new power supply, the machine is still totally dead, the LED on the motherboard lights up but the machine wont power on at all.

Pushing the power on button has no effect, the hard disk, fans, cd drive etc dont come on.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing this, would the PSU have damaged something else on its way out?
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Welcome to the forums ******

First how old is this machine?

Does it have an AT or an ATX motherboard?

There are a few things that can be tried but a post on the system specs would help...:D
AMD Duron 800MHz 128RAM 20GB HDD
Look closley at the M/B chances are ....there will be burn marks on it...if so dont waste your time...bad static there my be no visible sign of damage.....

Take every thing out xtra cards, memory....does the system power up???

How bout the Pwsupply fan ...any spinnage (sound)??
I think Doonz and Speedo have it covered on what to do if it's broken Here's a link to a good replacement it's 1000Mhz Duron and motherboard combo and they're going for realy cheap... The trick is to wait until like less than 5 minutes remaining, and bid the maximum amount your willing to pay... if you get it you've got it, if not then move on the the next one... they guy has tons

BTW "Computers run on smoke... when it starts to escape your screwed"
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