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Power Supply Beeping/Broken

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My sister's Toshiba Satellite Laptop's power supply (AC power cord adapter transformer thingy) has broken. It doesn't function as a charger, and it beeps continually whenever plugged into the mains. It is a PA-1750-09 made by Toshiba, although I've seen references as to it being made by someone else on the internet. I have found out from here and elsewhere that it is probably a loose component/wiring inside the adapter and she will need to buy another one. Two questions:

1. Is there a way to see if any other charger is compatible with her laptop (e.g. my Toshiba Satellite's PA3714E-1AC adapter or any of the other ones around the house? (I will get you some model numbers) or will only a PA-1750-09 work with that computer (I can get the further details of her computer make if required) Otherwise she is going to be without a computer for a while - inconvenient

2. Can anyone help me with instructions to open the thing up/have a look/solder if needs be? Or is that gonna be wayyy to difficult?

Many Thanks.

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hi 15912 welcome to tsf,

if yours has the same specs as hers and has the same connection you can try your on hers.
So we should not bother to try and fix the broken one?


Only £12 for a new one anyway, I'm sure she can stretch to that. In the meantime she is using a spare charger with the same specs. (voltage and current)
Don't bother fixing it. Buy a new or used one from eBay. And problem solve
Not really worth the time and effort and it may just fail again
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