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Power Problems

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Now, my problems bagan 2 days ago when i inserted a USB Wireless Device into the front chassis USB port - being lazy at an odd angle, for some reason this blew up the power pack inside and blew the fuse for the plug.
I then dangerously and stupidly replaced the fuse of the plug and tried to turn the computer on again - giving myself a massive electic shock and blowing up the power pack further. (Computer was left in garage for a day or so now as i couldnt look at it )
I then brought a new power pack, installed this and thought it should solve the problem. - It did i didnt blow myself up however althought there was power being supplied to the motherboard (the LED lighting up inside the case), The computer will not boot up. - Not even turn on.
My forst thought was that it could be linked to the power switch - but ive tried another PC's power switch and it isn the problem.
Any other things i should look out for?

(and no there is no burnt chips on the motherboard as far as i can see.

Thanks for any help

ps if it helps the Motherboard is an Asus P4P800.
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Welcome to TSF:

Please post the make and model and other specs for your replacement PSU

did you examine (closely) the inside of the power connectors that attach to the mobo for burnt pins ?????

did you connect the 4pin connector to the mobo that supplies 12V to the cpu ?????

do you have another video card you can try ??????

when you try to boot , does the cpu fan spin ~~~ any other activity ????

post back your progress / ask more questions if needed


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The newer PSU is the same spec as the old - which worked fine for months so that is no issue u rekon.

Yes i connected the 4 12V pin for the CPU
No, no fan activity whatsoever

And no i didnt notice any burn marks nearby the 24pin cable.

I wouldnt be lying if the only single sign of life is the LED of the motherboard.

I fear the worst to be honest, i pray that everything isnt fried but its looking grim. The shop might replace the mobo if i am careful as ot how i explain how it happened but i dunno about the CPU etc...

All the power cables are 100% definatly correctly inserted.
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