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I've got some strange power issues on my Lenovo Thinkpad 13 (Type 20GJ).

Initially I found the laptop would not recognize the AC adapter (no "Plugged in, not charging" - just would not recognize being plugged in or charge). I solved this by disconnecting the battery (internal), doing a battery reset (holding power button for 30 sec with AC and battery removed) and then powering back up with AC only.

I also tried updating drivers in Device Manager (already up to date), and removed the AC adapter and battery in Device Manager and allowed them to be recognized again.

This was about one week ago. Since then, I used the laptop on both battery and AC and I believe I switched between the two a couple of times.

Then, a couple of days ago, I experienced the same issue (not charging) and solved it with the same fix (battery reset).

Today I experienced a new behaviour, with the AC adapter being momentarily recognized and then not recognized - see battery report from this time:


Wiggling the power cable seemed to have no effect. After a short time (about 30 min), the on/off recognition of the AC adapter stopped and my computer continued to drain the battery down to 5% when it suspended. I then did the same battery reset and used the computer for about 5 min on AC only. If there was a problem with a weak connection/cable, then surely the computer would have shut off during this time.

At 10:54, I reconnected with battery (this time with the computer on; saw it recommended on some forum and was in the midst of a Zoom meeting so figured give it a go). Since then, it has been charging just fine (report generated).

I can also disconnect and reconnect the charger without any issue right now (it recognizes and charges).

What gives?!? I have reviewed power settings and did not have Battery Charge Threshold enabled, so I can't really imagine where the issue is.

If this behavior keeps repeating, I imagine I could run the laptop with the battery disconnected then open it up and plug it in on the odd time I actually need battery power, but I would love to know what is going on. I know a battery gauge reset wouldn't hurt (and I plan to do one tonight when I am off the computer), but I don't think that really relates to my issue.

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